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Do your business need exposure in Denmark, this is the place.

We have around 80.000 readers every month. ( both in November and in December )

A figure that has evolved from around 40.000 readers a month in January 2018, proving that the optimisation we did on i 2018 worked very well.

It also means that performs very well on google.

So if you need to brand a product or your service, feel free to call us on 45-53670053 or give us a mail

We have quite a few formats ready for you.

Priced accordingly.

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Our top banner ( presently occupied by Danmon Group ) is a 728×90 pixels banner that works on all platforms.

Yes its the first thing you see on a computer.

And it’s the first thing you see on a smartphone.

Pricing i 1750 kroner ex. VAT a month with a discount for longer placements.

The banners in the right side are 300×250 pixels and they sit you back 1250  ex. VAT  a month.

Again longer placement result in a nice discount.

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If you are looking to become a sponsor instead, its possible.

Go see here

Call us on 45-53670053 or give us a mail at 

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Some figures

670.726 unique visitors in 2018 (updated in January 2019 )

475.661 unique visitors in 2017

519.219 unique visitors in 2016


9.517.573 in 2018 (updated in January 2019 )

7.136.820 in 2017

6.221.040 in 2016

4.972.800 in 2015