Soundware er en del af Danmon Group på IBC

Nu hvor det snart er IBC tid, tikker der løbende nyt ind.

Således også fra Danmon, eller rettere fra Soundware, der er en del af Danmon Group.

Her er Christian Snilsberg netop tiltrådt som Sales & Business Developer, på det ellers allerede flotte “audio team”, der løser både enorme og almindelige opgaver.

Soundwares Managing Director, Øivind Iversen siger:

 -Christian has an excellent background both in audio technology and in sales and project management roles, starter han og fortsætter.

 -He shares our strong interest in all aspects of electronic media including television and radio production, studio systems integration and IP networking.

Han fortsætter.

Christian Snilsberg er blevet en del af Soundware og tager med Danmon Group til IBC2019

 Starting as an audio engineer at The Norwegian Theatre almost 25 years ago, Christian progressed to a sales role supplying Norwegian and Swedish theatres and broadcasters with equipment. During that period he established Studer as the preferred broadcast sound mixer in Norway. Working with Studer products for over eight years, and for the past seven years with Lawo, has given him a deep insight into our industry and of the markets we address. He has the social as well as the technical skills our customers appreciate, slutter han og bliver suppleret af Christian Snilsberg selv.

Han siger:

 -Soundware is one of the brightest lights on the Nordic media circuit, starter han og fortsætter.

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 -Audio is an essential element of all media activity and looks set to grow in importance as the video displays themselves expand in size and quality. I look forward to working with the Soundware team as the media industry moves forward to embrace the opportunities arising from OTT streaming, IP, 4K and 8K. The industry’s ongoing integration with IT makes the whole enterprise even more exciting, slutter han. og glemmer helt at få nævnt at han kommer til at blive exclusive distributor for DHD produkter i Norden.

Noget DHD’s International Sales Manager Christoph Gottert, er glad for.

Han siger:

 -This is a very pleasing appointment which we are confident will strengthen DHD’s visibility and level of support, starter han og fortsætter.

 -The Soundware team will be promoting our full range of mixing, routing and IP products to existing and potential customers in the broadcast and wider electronic media markets, slutter han.

Soundware er fortsat fokuseret på broadcast, musik, film, video og audio post produktion, i den tunge og professionelle ende.