Boris FX vinder Engineering Emmy Award

De tekniske Engineering Emmy Awards er netop blevet uddelt for 71. gang.

Og nu hvor Boris FX har vundet et par priser for deres Sapphire, Mocha Pro, og Silhouette er de rigtigt glade for at fortælle alle der ikke lige var klar over det, at The Television Academy har givet Boris FX hele 3 Engineering Emmy Awards, for Boris FX Sapphire, Boris FX Mocha Pro og endelig Boris FX Silhouette.

Boris Yamnitsky, President and Founder, Boris FX er glad.

Han siger:

 -When I started Boris FX in my parents basement, I was simply trying to fill a need, starter han og fortsætter.

 -The NLE revolution gave power to individual editors and artists, but there was something missing – access to creative visual effects and “fix-it-in-post” tools directly within these new host applications. Since its inception, Boris FX has thrived to develop affordable plugins that allow the television post-production community to push artistic boundaries while saving precious time. Over the years, we have continued this see-a-need-and-fill-it approach with the addition of Sapphire, Mocha Pro, and most recently Silhouette to the Boris FX product family, starter han og fortsætter.

De enkelte teams bag softwaren modtog priserne

 -We are thrilled to not only be recognized once but three times by the Television Academy. We love what we do and it’s all thanks to the editors, VFX artists, and motion graphics designers who choose to use our products to help tell compelling stories that keep audiences coming back, slutter han.

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En af vinderne er Boris FX Silhouette.

Om dette produkt siger produkt Matt Mueller, der er Head of Optical, Weta Digital (der blandt andet har tryllet på “Game of Thrones” og “The Umbrella Academy”:

 -Silhouette has been an essential tool for us for over 15 years. It’s a robust, feature-packed tool that allows us to continually add to the sophistication of our roto and paint capabilities. We’ve developed a deep partnership with them over the years, slutter han.

Det er dog ikke altid at Silhouette er det rette værktøj, forklarer Andrew Scott, Compositing Supervisor at SPINVFX (han har tryllet på “Stranger Things 3” og “Sirens”) videre:

 -When it came to tracking the veins onto Billy in Stranger Things 3, we had a 3D match move as a base, but it wasn’t perfect so we turned to Mocha Pro to help us with refining many areas of it. Needless to say, it has since become a staple in our compositing toolkit, slutter han.

De enkelte teams bag softwaren modtog priserne

Boris FX har i den forbindelse netop sluppet den nyeste version af Mocha:

Boris Yamnitsky forklarer videre:

 -We released Mocha Pro 2020 a few weeks ago and Sapphire 2020, Continuum 2020, and Silhouette 2020 will be available soon, starter han og fortsætter.

 -We can’t wait to deliver even more powerful and time-saving tools that help the television post-production community create the visible – and invisible – effects, slutter han.

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Folk der ikke kender Boris FX kan ikke vide at Sapphire er deres “high-end visual effects plugin suite”, mens Mocha Pro er deres “planar motion tracking and masking toolset”.

Silhouette klarer det meste når vi taler om “advanced rotoscoping and paint”.

Erik Jensen, Compositing Supervisor, CVD VFX (Han har tryllet på “A Series of Unfortunate Events” og “Fargo” ( FX, serien )

Han siger:

De enkelte teams bag softwaren modtog priserne

 -The addition of Sapphire and Mocha Pro into our Nuke pipeline has been one of the greatest since the company started. And we hope to keep using these tools and everything they offer for many more years in the future, slutter han og bliver suppleret af Culley Bunker, Skulley VFX (C”The Righteous Gemstones” og “Westworld”)

Han siger:

 -We use Sapphire or Mocha Pro on almost every shot. We couldn’t do what we do without Boris FX plugins, slutter han.

Billederne er af de teams der udvikler de enkelte software pakker

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